Hardenberg is a small, family owned and operated business specializing in the Friesian horse and the Fell pony. Our love for horses, raising our two children and living in the country finally brought us to the decision that it was time to start our dream farm
in 2012.
We met our first Friesian in 2008 and we were completely spellbound by this majestic, loving horse. They really are "gentle giants!" In 2009, we bought our first mare Salena, she had Palmer at her side and another one (Isabella’s Song) on the way. 
In 2012, Jenni discovered the Fell Pony (commonly mistaken as a “mini Friesian”) and was struck by their beauty, intelligence and versatility. After many months of scouring the internet doing research and many emails back and forth, Jenni found the perfect Fell for Hardenberg. Lemon Drop was purchased and brought home in June of 2013. Lemon Drop quickly fit into our family. She is a superb specimen of the Fell breed. We are thrilled to have her and help educate people on this rare breed.
Hardenberg offers 20 acres of pasture. We have a beautiful old dairy barn that we repurposed into a horse barn with five stalls, two of which we use for birthing stalls.
We strongly believe in helping our clients find the perfect equine for them.  Sometimes that means we are directing them to other breeders.  But it is our belief that the equine has to be the right fit or our client will not be satisfied and the equine and client will both suffer.  So, please don't be offended if we direct you to another breeder, we want only the best for you and our equines.  We keep in contact with all our clients and love to hear back from them how they are progressing.
Where did Hardenberg come from?
We have had a ton of "Where in the WORLD did you come up with the name Hardenberg?"  Well, let me tell you, because it is a cool story.  My great grandpa Carl was born in Sweden.  He left his parents behind and moved to Denmark during the famine trying to find work.  Carl ended up as the head Shepherd at the Hardenberg Manor in Sakskobing, Denmark.  There he met my great grandma Anna Marie who worked in the manor.  They fell in love and moved to America.  Skip ahead...  In 1980, my Grandma Edi (Carl & Anna Marie’s daughter) and Grandpa visited Sweden and Denmark. She found the manor but didn’t get to go inside.
When I was 8 years old my family moved to Knoxville (IL), my grandmother Edi thought it would be nice if I wrote to my cousin Jessica from Sweden as we were almost the same age.  Jessica and I wrote back and forth for years. Then we started emailing each other.  We became fast friends. 
For my thirtieth birthday, I decided that I was going to visit Jessica and we were going to try to find the manor, just like my grandma Edi did.  So, Jessica did some digging on the internet and found what we hopped was the location of the manor.  We had a GREAT trip and yes, we made it to the manor!  It was a great day that I will never forget.
Will and I were trying to come up with a name for the farm that would have some meaning to us.  Finally it hit me upside the head when we were planning on some things we could do when Jessica came to visit.  Hardenberg Feathered Horse Farm was created!  I knew it was the right choice when I told my Grandma.