Lemon Drop
 Fell Pony filly
Color: black
Sire: Stennerskeugh Danny Boy
Dam: Mustahevonen Rheged’s Lemon Drop
Height: 8.2 hh
DOB: 07/07/2016 - 08/10/2016
Hardenberg Misty Morning was our first prefix filly. She was a show stopper. Our hearts were instantly won over by this silver black filly. She had personality to boot, tons of hair thanks to her sire Danny, a little bit of attitude thanks to her dam, but the sweetest disposition, and fearless! Misty was sooo tiny, but well built. We miss this beautiful girl every day.
Breed: Fell Pony
Sex: Mare
Color: Black 
05/13/2015 - 09/28/16
Diva's sire and dam were both imported from England.
Diva inherited her sire's (Danny) calm demeanor and willingness to please. Diva had kind eyes, and a beautifully set head. Her main, tail and feather are any horse owner's dream come true. In February of 2016, we took her to the IL Horse Fair where she charmed everyone that saw her. She quietly laid in her stall and let kids climb all around her. 
Diva was Jayden's best buddy. She would allow our tiny daughter who was only 5 at the time to lead her around, tie her up, brush her, then take her for a walk. Diva is sorely missed by us all. She was a wonderful ambassador for the breed. Our hearts will never really recover from loosing her.