Equine Registries

Friesian Horse Association of North America
Member since: 2015
Wonderful organization promoting the purebred Friesian. A wealth of information is available on their website.

Friesian Heritage Horse
This registry maintains exceptional records, DNA proofing required and runs a wonderful promotional awards program. We can’t say enough about their excellent customer service and the quality of their registry. We decided to double register our Friesians with them because of their high standards.

logo FPS
Fell Pony Society
Member since: 2013
We are very pleased with the integrity and customer service of the FPS. Their site has oodles of information and photographs regarding the history of the Fell Pony.

Fell Pony Society of North America
Member since: 2013
Jenni is the Vice Chairman and Acting Treasurer for the FPSNA.
This Non-Profit works with their members to encourage showing, breeding, help facilitate membership with the mother registry FPS and the main priority: promotion of the Fell Pony breed in the United States.
Proud to partner with

We love to promote companies that we work with that go above and beyond in quality product, excellent customer satisfaction and basically actually know their product! With that said, we will not promote just anyone. So, if you see them on this page, they are the best of the best, tried and true and we proudly recommend them to everyone we know!

Kristi's Norwex Website 
When our friend Kristi told us about Norwex, yes, I rolled my eyes thinking what in the WORLD, she is going to sell cleaning products!?! But, after she showed us the proof in the cleaning ability, well, I was impressed. I love my Enviro cloths, the Window cloths and the Carpet cleaner to name just a few. Kristi is not your typical pushy “home sales lady”. She professional cleaned homes and businesses before she joined Norwex, so she is extremely knowledgeable in what works! Kristi is an avid promoter of all natural products. 

J. Utah Photography 
We have worked with J. Utah since 2014. His images are all over our website and facebook (THANK GOODNESS!). If the pictures are amazing, they are his! He is extremely talented, has a wonderful eye and is laid back/easy to work with. He is open to trying new to him photo opportunities. He exceeds in equine, sports, weddings and family photos. We are always thrilled with the work he produces.

Sea-Mountain Insurance 
O: 800.553.3624 
Finding insurance for your equines is no easy task. Luckily, after lots of unsuccessful searching, we found Sea-Mountain Insurance. Their highly qualified staff has been more than helpful in answering all our questions and most importantly making sure our equine investments are protected. We work with one Agent, not some general 800 person that doesn’t care about you and your equines! And that my friends, makes all the difference!

Equine Massage Therapy 
Nicki is fantastic with our equines. Very knowledgeable and explains what and why she is doing what she does. She is also a horse owner so she understands how owners want their equines treated with respect. Follow her on Facebook!

Beautiful necessities! I LOVED this product so much, I started selling it. It is fabulous. The foundation is the best I have ever tried. It lasts all day long. The eye colors are so pigmented, beautiful colors and they blend amazingly. The mascara is AWESOME!!! My lashes are dark blonde, and you can't see them. But with the 3D mascara, I have thick, long dark lashes that really make my eyes pop! Join me to learn more about these products.

Go Van Gogh’s 
Galesburg, IL 
O: 309.342.1112 
For all your business promotional needs. Go Van Gogh’s produce top quality screen printing and embroidery services! Their customer service is second to none. We have worked with them since 2012 and couldn’t be any happier. 

Dream Hayven Inc.
We bought our first Fell Pony Lemon Drop from Dream Hayven Farm. Since then we partnered on a Fell Stallion, Stennerskeugh Danny Boy. Melissa has a vast amount of breeding experience and equine knowledge. She is willing to share with those she meets. She breeds true to type, producing amazing beautiful, well Fells.